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Birmensdorferstrasse 272, CH-8055, Zürich
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The Cuel story: Hifi specialists since 1978

Walter Cuel started with a small radio/TV shop in 1978. 2 rooms, office and workshop. A friend also had such a business and provided him with some devices that he only had to pay when one was sold. Today there are 7 sales rooms, new with large high-end demo room and multi-room, and a home cinema studio. There are 5-7 employees and 1-2 apprentices in conception, sales and installation.

Our philosophy

Let the rhythm play! The focus is not on products, but on your situation, your expectations, your wishes, where, what and how it is needed. According to it we will select the appropriate choices and possibilities. Today it is about evolution and as much as possible should be expandable, not self-contained. Because everything changes like never before in hi-fi history, especially the new technologies. Except turntable, right. But this is also a sacred act of how to choose and combine yourself the analogically world and be able  to listen to music from Tidal, Qobuz and others.

Only the music reproduction that is as true to the original as possible, the unadulterated sound should be the real thing. This should trigger joy and relaxation again. We always have this goal. Can it also be uncomplicated and simple? So that everyone can enjoy it? We would be happy if you would join this way with us. You will se what unexpected surprises we have to offer!

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