Our Passion

Our passion is dedicated to small brands coming most out of family businesses as we are one. Some have been on the market and with us for over forty years. We like to work the old traditional way with time, passion and a lot of commitment to each single brand.

There is no analoge or digital, we just want to make sure both are treated the same way. Today we face the fact that also the digital technologies need as much commitment to optimize as the analogue world does. Mains, cables, switches, setup etc.

Our products are only sold by our few selected partners and therefore we do by purpose not have an online shop. We prefer to give all our know-how to your local consultant so that you feel to be in good hands from the moment you discover until years later when you may want to move your system where you may like some help. If it is just about the price then you may eventually look for another good opportunity.

Our Story

All began back in the 1970’s at the Rathausplatz N°4 in Bern when Jean Bouix opened a little shop  in the middle of the more than 800 years old city of Bern called Grammophile. It was all about good music and purism at its excellency. In 1979 it became Naim’s first distribution wich was followed by Linn amongts others such as ProAc, Chord Company etc. For more than 20 years, this store was one of Bern’s finest reference points for audiophile music until he was forced to shut down the shop in 1999.

From that moment he concentrated his business on the distribution side with a new company called Chektone. In 2007, Scott Bouix joined his father to support him. In 2011 the company was sold to the next generation with success and the company began to expand. When in July 2013 Naim and Focal came together, the management decided to split up the company into two distributions. One taking care of the big boat (Naim & Focal) and one being the harbor for the small boats. When the storm came up and all went bigger and bigger, Scott Bouix decided to unleash the big boat and moved on to the small harbor enjoying the won time for more passion on behalf of less business.

Today GrammoFile is back to its roots like when all started and it is again about small hand made brands where some have been with the family for more than 40 years. Some have joined the harbor and are now not less known. Just the name changed from Grammophile to GrammoFile due to the times and the technologies we have faced during the last 40 years…