CHORD CH PowerLeads & Group Aray Plugs

Exclusive for Switzerland

Dear Partners

Your wish has finally come true!

Chord Company Cables offer now exclusively for our market, following ranges in CH versions. The cables are terminated with a High End Audio grade Plug. No matter of what level of the range. The lowest solution with 1m length starts at CHF 200.- incl. VAT.

ClearWay Power CH
ShawLine Power CH
Epic Power CH
Signature Power CH

To go with the EU PowerHaus Products, they can also be available with IEC 19 female connectors.

You will find the pricing on the latest price list in the download section.

For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us

NEW English Electric EE1 - Now in Stock!

High-performance network noise isolator

The English Electric EE1 network noise isolator is designed to sit discreetly between ethernet cables within a streaming audio/video system and can drastically reduce noise whilst allowing digital signals to pass unhindered.

Digital signals are robust but are often accompanied by a degree of noise, usually transferred from home network devices.

The EE1, like the EE 8Switch and 16Switch, continues our efforts to prevent noise from affecting music/image data and system performance.

In-line network noise reduction for streaming media

  • Self-powered – converts unwanted noise to heat
  • Targeted filtering reduces damaging network noise
  • Galvanic isolation blocks low-frequency noise, reduces high-frequency noise but maintains data quality
  • Discreet yet powerful and easy to install
  • Multiple EE1 units within a network can bring further improvements

Cost incl. VAT: 295.- (ex shipping)
Includes a 0.75m c-Stream cable worth CHF 75.-

More Available - More Flexible

New from October 1st 2023
By the end of the month our Warehouse and Despatch will be settled and ready in its new location. As everything will be close to each other we will be able to offer a better availability and more flexibility to our partners and their customers. Please find below our new opening hours:

Monday – Thursday
9:30 to 12:00
13:00 to 17:00

Monday – Thursday
9:30 to 12:00

Visitors on appointment only!

Vertere Audio & Chord Company Cables at the Verbier Classics Festival 2023

Post from July 2023

We are very proud to announce that we have been invited to be part of the annual Verbier Classics Festival 2023 from Saturday night to Sunday night. Together with our local partners we will be playing records on their great audiophile system. Guests will be able to listen to their favourite music after the concert while having a drink and something to eat.

We will be playing on a Vertere MG1 with its Reference Motor Drive RG1, The SG1 MKII Tonearm and the Phono 1 MKII L Phonostage. All connected on Chord Company Sarum, Sarum Power Array Professional and PowerHaus M6 Mainsbar.

Launch of New Melco N1 S38 Flagship

The new ground-up design is based around a new platform, with a new chassis and casework, plus new power supplies. It offers a previously unreached performance level. A full-width design, the all-new N1-S38 distils Melco’s decades-long digital music storage, transfer and playback knowledge into an advanced new flagship with great new features.

The N1-S38 benefits from a totally new set of system electronics, a new mainboard, plus a new mains transformer, supply and local regulators.

An audio-specific custom 3.84 TB SSD drive, which benefits from Melco’s proprietary layered, rigid SSD mounter, is directly connected to the data path without any intervening RAID controller; on-board memory is increased, too.

Hand-made in Japan, in line with all of Melco’s uncompromising digital libraries, the N1-S38 is the first all-new Melco design since the half-width N10 and N100 series launched in 2018.

The all-new N1-S38 builds on Melco’s proven, unique architecture which carefully transports delicate signal data while avoiding noisy high-speed elements and fast processors.

NEW CHORD Burndy & 8DIN Cables for NEW NAIM Classic Line

NEW 12-way & 23-way ChordBurndy cables

The latest additions to our ChordBurndy family and a perfect upgrade path for owners of the recently introduced duo-burndy-equipped products. The 12 & 23-way ChordBurndys were developed specifically for use with the latest generation of music sources, amplifiers and power supplies.

As with our 19-way ChordBurndy these new cables are hand built to order and use our state-of-the art shielding system, silver-plated copper conductors, flagship Taylon® proprietary insulation, acoustic braid, anti-EMF braid with the multiple internal cables protected by a tough nylon outer jacket. All elements designed, prototyped and tested to out-perform in all aspects.

NEW 8pin DIN to DIN cables

In addition to our ChordBurndy cables we can supply a dedicated 8pin DIN cable available in three performance levels as part of our Signature, SarumT and ChordMusic ranges with each featuring increasing levels of material specification and build complexity.

You will find a more detailed PDF in our Download section.
Pricing is expected soon.


CHORD PowerHAUS S6 & M6 mains distribution block

The arrival of this week!
  • Hand built in England by music and cinema lovers
  • Pure performance and reliability.
  • Free from non-essential and potentially noisy components
  • Created to meet our own demo room needs and now available for discerning users everywhere
  • Designed using the optimum materials and 40 years of hi-fi industry experience
  • Unique Chord Company ARAY technology minimises HF and earth noise
  • Protection from RFI via heavily-shielded ARAY wiring
  • Robust aluminium casing and heavy-duty 16A power input
  • Conforms to all power safety regulations
  • Available in Euro and UK variants

Now available in Stock!


We are traditional & passioned!

Established in 1979

GrammoFile’s passion is dedicated to small handmade audio brands. Many of them are British and produced in the majority by family businesses like we are one too. Some have been on the market and with us for over forty years. We like to work the old traditional way with time, passion and a lot of commitment to each single brand. But we are also very well placed when it’s about new Network-technologies and Multimedia. There is not just “analogue” or “digital”, we want to make sure both are treated the same way. Today we face the fact that also the digital technologies need as much commitment to optimize as the analogue world does. So we will be able to help when it is about setting up a turntable correctly, making sure the tube amplifier is doing his job or if you like to synchronise your Melco Servers between your two houses. To help our partners is all about knowing every single product we distribute. It’s just like adjusting perfectly the strings on an Violin…

Our Selection is Handmade!

Each product in our Portfolio can be used by its own. In most cases it can also be combined with one of our other brands. This allows us on one side to optimize the customers existing system but also to build specific valuable concepts with the certainty that they are unique. Some of our retailers wich have been with us for many years are committing to us exactly due to this advantage and the Know-how that we can support them with.