Kharma has an endless vision beyond imagination. A vision that has driven all of us from the moment Charles van Oosterum started with O.L.S. in 1982 and founded the brand Kharma in 1993. All the energy you put into this world, will eventually make his return to you, is one of our beliefs, which is derived from karma. Our passionate vision is all about creating experiences beyond imagination. Resulting in the unique and excellent balance between new technologies and pure craftsmanship.

By striving to achieve the Holy Grail in high-end audio, beautiful things happen; masterpieces are created; dreams are fulfilled; senses are stimulated in every way and new innovations are born. With each product, each detail, Kharma stretches the boundaries of high-end audio design with every single product. We like to think of the results as a masterpiece, like a piece of art that can evoke a special feeling, which has to be experienced to be believed.

Products by Kharma