We are traditional & passioned!

Established in 1979

GrammoFile’s passion is dedicated to small handmade audio brands. Many of them are British and produced in the majority by family businesses like we are one too. Some have been on the market and with us for over forty years. We like to work the old traditional way with time, passion and a lot of commitment to each single brand. But we are also very well placed when it’s about new Network-technologies and Multimedia. There is not just “analogue” or “digital”, we want to make sure both are treated the same way. Today we face the fact that also the digital technologies need as much commitment to optimize as the analogue world does. So we will be able to help when it is about setting up a turntable correctly, making sure the tube amplifier is doing his job or if you like to synchronise your Melco Servers between your two houses. To help our partners is all about knowing every single product we distribute. It’s just like adjusting perfectly the strings on an Violin…

Restocked for the high Season!

Early planning is good planning!

We are happy to inform our partners that our pre-orders and investments placed early this year allow us now to be able to deliver 80% of our regular products from our non-speaker portfolio. Please check our Catalog or ask us in case of questions about available versions and finishes. Exceptions are as always all typ of floor stand speakers due to diversity. Delivery times are approximately 3 to 6 weeks.

Chord Company (80%)
Dynavector (all)
Heed Audio (all)
Melco Audio (all except SSD versions)
MoFi Turntables & Electronics (all)
Plixir for Melco (BDC2, BDC4, Stack)
Torus Power (TOT Series, RM Series & AVR 2 Elite Series)
Vertere Acoustics (all DG1’s, regular MG1’s, Cartridges and Accessories)


Alluxity - A new journey has began!

We are pleased to announce that we have received the official card to represent Alluxity from October 1st 2021 for Switzerland. Alluxity stands for “ALL ABOUT LUXURY AND MUSICALITY” and is created by Alexander Vitus Mogensen. The Alluxity product line is a culmination of Alexander being raised with both music & musicians in an Audiophile environment, as well as working for many years in the high-end enviroment of the family business (Vitus Audio). Initially the musician part of Alexander was the dominating force in his life, but as listening to reproduced music grew, Alexanders curiosity and interest in optimizing performance become his life force. We are proud to be part of this journey and we are sure that music lovers who expect high quality combined with Lifestyle will discover Alexanders great products very quickly.

For 5 years Alexander worked in the family business. There he learned about electronic manufacturing & design, using SolidWorks, Altium Designer etc but more importantly also learning about the relationship between different aspects of application’s & design (cause & effect) and making optimal choices with this in mind.

As Alexander got older he wanted to go his own way. This resulted in him starting his own company (AVM-TEC) His business initially focused mainly on the creation & design of solutions utilizing Surface Mounted Technology. To keep up with increasing demand on his designs & circuits, an investment in far more sophisticated & specialist SMT equipment was required to realize Alexanders ambitions. A by product of this investment was that Alexander could at last realize his idea’s, dreams and ambitions.

Alluxity was born.

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New Arrivals from the Chord Company

Clearway USB & Clearway Stream

The perfect ‘next step’ on the upgrade path for a streaming audio system. Chord Company Clearway USB builds on the success of our established C-USB cable and benefits from significant shielding improvements, helping you enjoy your system at its musically coherent best.

The enhanced shield design employs double foil and high-density braid giving extra protection for the signal transfer and reducing the transmission of noise between the connected components. Like the other cables in the Clearway range it has a notably transparent sound and carries digital signals with a high degree of accuracy.

You should notice a difference from the minute you plug Chord Company Clearway Streaming cables into your system.

Clearway Streaming cable has been designed to virtually eliminate the pickup of external high-frequency noise that can interfere with your enjoyment of streamed digital audio and video. Noise can find its way into the signal grounds and affect the performance of both digital and analogue circuits. Although the digital information is very robust this unwanted noise can compromise the final performance.

To avoid this each of the four pairs of oxygen-free high-speed conductors have been individually shielded from the others. In addition to this we have fitted an overall shield below the outer jacket, optimised to further protect against high frequency noise.

Get 1 of 5 limited "Fender x MoFi PrecisionDecks"!

MoFi Electronics Celebrates 75 years of Fender.

MoFi Electronics has teamed up with Fender Musical Instruments Corporation for a very special collaboration – The Fender x MoFi PrecisionDeck. Each limited-edition unit is individually numbered, badged, and certain to become a collector’s item.

The Fender x MoFi PrecisionDeck, is a high-performance turntable in every way, with gorgeous looks that resonate with decades of music history. The PrecisionDeck utilizes the same wood, swamp ash, as the famed Fender Precision Bass® guitar. The blanks of swamp ash are sourced, milled, and finished in the iconic three-color sunburst by Fender USA. The components are designed and built by MoFi, and the deck is assembled, featuring technology from the award-winning UltraDeck with testing and setup by MoFi at the company’s factory in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

The Fender PrecisionDeck comes packaged with the MoFi Electronics MasterTracker phono cartridge pre-mounted and aligned and retails for CHF 4’150.-

The production of a thousand limited units (worldwide) begins end of October. Switzerland is proud to have received five units.


Now in tock!

The DG-1 Dynamic Groove continues to gain critical acclaim for being one of the best record players at its price point. The latest award-winning review from James Michael Hughes at StereoNet, which partners the DG-1 with the new Vertere Sabre cartridge, praises its “stellar sonic performance at the price”, concluding: “Despite its visual complexity, it’s one of those products that just works faultlessly after it’s installed, needing little maintaining once up and running. Get into the Groove, if you possibly can!”

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Our Selection is Handmade!

Each product in our Portfolio can be used by its own. In most cases it can also be combined with one of our other brands. This allows us on one side to optimize the customers existing system but also to build specific valuable concepts with the certainty that they are unique. Some of our retailers wich have been with us for many years are committing to us exactly due to this advantage and the Know-how that we can support them with.