HRS - Harmonic Resolution System

For the past two decades, Harmonic Resolution Systems (HRS) has worked tirelessly to develop a high-performance product line that offers flexible, modular, and cost-effective solutions to obtain the true performing arts magic these exceptional systems can achieve. While developing a “one size fits all” solution may have been more convenient for us and our dealer network, HRS let the engineering principles and our extensive listening test protocol guide us to the ideal solution for each component type and system location to achieve the best result. We have made this approach extremely adjustable so that as your system and components change, the HRS System can adapt to all your system needs.

Products by Harmonic Resolution Systems

VXR Audio Stand SystemVXR Audio Stand System


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Damping PlatesDamping Plates


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Vortex SystemVortex System


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Helix SystemHelix System


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Nimbus SystemNimbus System


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M3X2 Isolation BaseM3X2 Isolation Base


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R3X Isolation BaseR3X Isolation Base


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E1X Isolation BaseE1X Isolation Base


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SXR Audio Stand SystemSXR Audio Stand System


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