Nimbus System


Nimbus System


The HRS Nimbus System is a highly effective bottom chassis noise reduction system that can be used on any shelf system.

The HRS Nimbus System incorporates a highly effective design to eliminate component chassis noise, revealing a new level of musical performance. These products are precision manufactured from billet-machined aircraft aluminum and proprietary HRS polymers. A very specific amount of mass, stiffness, and damping from these products eliminates chassis resonance problems and transforms residual chassis energy to heat. This special system is utilized by audiophiles and industry professionals as their reference chassis noise reduction system.

  • Broadband noise reduction design maximizes performance.
  • Effective on electronic chassis and speaker cabinets
  • The selection of sizes and heights allows system optimization
  • Proprietary polymers optimized from years of listening tests
  • High grip design creates very stable system
  • Separate Nimbus elements maximize configuration flexibility

There are two primary components to the Nimbus system:

  1. The all polymer Nimbus Coupler
  2. An anodised aluminum Nimbus Spacer

They are available as:

  • Set of pair of couplers
  • Spacer without coupler (NS)
  • Assembly of Spacer & Coupler (NA)

The HRS Nimbus system is placed directly on the shelf, supporting your component with one of the all polymer Nimbus Couplers in contact with the surface of the shelf, and another in direct contact with the bottom chassis of the component (not the existing component feet). The Nimbus Spacer is selected to give you the desired height of the system.

The HRS Nimbus is designed so that sets of three or four units arranged as shown in the diagrams below will provide exceptional performance on any standard-size component.

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