Dynavector Cartridges Japan

“Dynavector Cartridges Japan” is highly regarded as one of the leading manufacturers in high performance moving coil cartridges based on innovative advanced theory and unique production technology.

All of Dynavectors cartridges make use of their patented magnetic flux damping and softened magnetism mechanisms. The current models are the culmination of decades of research, development and refinement. Their musical producing credentials are immaculate as we hope you will discover when you hear them.

DRT XV 1t – The King of the hill (see on the left). Ground breaking design utilising 8 magnets in a V formation. Designed around a source of very pure iron that founder Dr Tominari had access to. The armature uses this rare and highly costly material. It is wound with incredibly fine wire to give high agility and precision allied to a very stable output. The hardened bamboo casework is precision machined to house the inner mechanism- it has a significant effect on sound quality. Wonderful.

“Dynavector Amplifiers Australia” have made amplifiers since the early 90’s. Their principal, Jonathan Davies, has been designing them and other sophisticated electronics a good deal longer.

After 14 years of service, the DV P75 is now in it’s 4th incarnation and better than ever. The chassis is larger and in a new guise, a sign of things to come for DV Amplifiers. The real changes though come in the form of power and sound- near zero noise, custom made precision components enabling extreme RIAA accuracy, and a doubling of power efficiency. Compatible with all cartridge types, especially Dynavector.

Products by Dynavector

DV KARAT 17DX MC CartridgeDV KARAT 17DX MC Cartridge


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DV Te Kaitora Rua MC CartridgeDV Te Kaitora Rua MC Cartridge


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DV DRT XV-1s MC CartridgeDV DRT XV-1s MC Cartridge


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DV XX-2 MKII CartridgeDV XX-2 MKII Cartridge


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DV DRT XV-1t MC CartridgeDV 10X5 MKII MC Cartridge


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DV DRT XV-1t MC CartridgeDV DRT XV-1t MC Cartridge


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