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All Torus Power AVR ELITE series models are a full-feature state-of-the-art power transformer, isolating and protecting your system. Like all Torus Power products, the AVR ELITE series provides true isolation (using massive toroidal transformers) and protects all connected equipment from the risk of severe power line surges using series-mode surge suppression. Use Torus Power Connect to enable remote power management of the AVR ELITE.

In addition, Torus AVR ELITE provides stable voltage to keep equipment running in the optimal range of 116VAC to 124VAC (120V +/- 4V) for any input voltage from 90V to 130VAC. (International units operate within nominal input voltage such as 220V, 230V, 240V; Torus AVR ELITE keeps them operating within a range of +/- 8 V.)

Torus Power AVR technology uses a micro-processor to monitor and control the voltage, seamlessly switching the multi-tapped toroidal transformer to ensure the voltage powering your connected equipment remains in the optimal range. In the event of a high or low incoming mains voltage fault condition the unit automatically disconnects power to the connected equipment, adding another level of protection. When the input voltage restores to the proper range, the AVR ELITE will automatically restart normal operation to restore power to your connected equipment.

The Torus Power AVR ELITE includes an attractive front panel LCD display to provide information regarding input and output voltages, output current, power consumption, total harmonic distortion, time and date, as well as displaying fault conditions.

Voltage sags, brownouts and surges can stress components and shorten equipment life. Torus Power AVR deals with these problems effectively, providing stable voltages for your valuable equipment.

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Technical Information

Full Features

  • Torus Power Connect
  • Toroidal Isolation provides ultimate clean power performance

  • Voltage regulated to 120V (+/- 4V). For 220V-240V input models the regulation is +/- 8V.

  • Remote power management using Torus Power Connect
  • All features of the AVR Series

  • Powerful 32-bit processor

  • Internal Flash Memory for 10,000 events to record data when offline to Torus Power Connect

  • New separate high reliability power supply module to further isolate the low voltage and high voltage paths

  • Enhanced communication module including WiFi connectivity (used for Torus Power Connect operation and transparent update of firmware)

  • Optical isolation between high voltage and low voltage to increase safety and compliance to new standards

  • New circuit boards designed for high resolution audio performance

  • USB port for 3rd party connectivity, LED lighting, and charging

  • Automatic shutdown of outlet power on low and high input fault conditions

  • Series mode surge suppression protects against lighting, surges, spikes etc.

  • Connect to local network using Web page browser

  • Password control

  • Email notification of fault conditions

  • No programming or internet connection needed

  • Larger LCD display provides power data and fault condition details (configurable to turn off or dim on timed basis)