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The Giro G9 turntable brings AMG’s sonic and visual excellence to a larger audience. Conceived by AMG founder Werner Roeschlau, the Giro is brilliantly realized by managing director Julian Lorenzi. Sharing the key design elements of the highly regarded AMG Viella “V12”, the Giro “G9” is entirely manufactured in AMG’s Bavarian factory.

The Giro’s “double circle” plinth is machined from aircraft-grade aluminum and features both 33 and 45 RPM via electronic control. Both platter and bearing housing are CNC machined from POM, a high tech synthetic. The belt-driven platter uses the decoupled spindle design of the highly-acclaimed Viella V12 turntable and shares the high-mass stainless steel machined pulley of the V12, coupled to a precision Swiss-made DC motor. The platter bearing, a hydrodynamically lubricated radial 16mm axle with PFTE thrust pad and integral flywheel, is a scaled version from the Viella. The Giro uses the 9W2 9” tonearm with the identical, revolutionary bearing design of the 12J2, scaled for the arm length and the Giro’s smaller footprint.

The Giro from Analog Manufaktur Germany is an elegant high performance turntable providing exceptional music reproduction and value for vinyl enthusiasts.

Available Options on demand:

Giro Power Supply (+CHF 890.-)
Isolation Platform Giro (+CHF 2’990.-)

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Technical Information


  • Precision Swiss-made 24v DC motor
  • Motor decoupled and isolated from plinth
  • In-house machined flywheel-weighted pulley as on Viella V12


  • 33.3 and 45 rpm speeds with electronic on/off
  • Backlit capacitive buttons change color with function
  • Sophisticated circuit board for speed regulation and adjustment


  • 40mm thick platter CNC machined from Polyoxymethylene or POM (also known as Delrin®),
    a high-tech synthetic
  • POM provides an ideal mechanical impedance match to vinyl eliminating the need for a platter mat
  • Manufactured using a special “SMARTEST” process for greater precision, cost-effectiveness,
    and high finish quality
  • Platter surface machined for record label and bead to optimize coupling the LP record with AMG clamp
  • De-coupled record spindle further isolates stylus in the groove from extraneous vibration


  • Hydrodynamically lubricated radial 16mm axle with PFTE thrust pad and integral flywheel
  • Scaled version Viella V12 platter bearing
  • Bearing housing CNC machined from Polyoxymethylene or POM (also known as Delrin®) providing a non-resonant enclosure
  • Bearing housing features fixed spike coupler for mechanical grounding and reduced noise floor


Based on the award-winning AMG 12J2 12-inch tonearm, 9W2 9-inch tonearm uses a scaled version of AMG’s patented dual-pivot bearing. The vertical bearing, similar to a technique used in helicopter rotors, utilizes two steel wires that allow fine azimuth adjustment while eliminating bearing play. The horizontal axle is a hardened tool steel needle roller bearing and captured multi-ball bearing. The aircraft grade aluminum arm wand is anodized for resonance control and is wired with multi-strand high-purity copper wire. Identical to the 12J2, the 9W2 features magnetic anti-skate and precision locking VTA adjustment.


  • Patented dual-pivot bearing
  • Vertical bearing, similar to a technique used in the rotor heads of helicopters
  • Uses two .5mm thick “spring steel wires,” allowing fine azimuth adjustment while eliminating bearing play
  • Horizontal axle is a hardened tool steel, precision ground to a backlash-free fit with a needle roller bearing combined with  a captured multi-ball bearing
  • It is extremely precise and maintenance free


  • Aircraft quality
  • Anodized aluminum tube for resonance control
  • Nine gram effective mass


  • 2-piece with Teflon decoupled sleeve

Copper Internal Wiring:

  • Multi-strand high-purity copper

Magnetic Anti-skating:

  • Decoupled via ring magnet and t-bar magnets
  • Magnetic fields isolated in our patented bearing housing


  • Precision locking system for easy adjustment


  • Five-pin DIN (SME) connector on base of tonearm for connection with straight DIN (SME) tonearm cable as manufactured by AMG and other leading cable companies
  • Tonearm cable may be terminated with either single-ended RCA or balanced XLR connectors


  • 33mm thick aircraft-grade aluminum CNC machined in-house
  • 33 and 45 RPM speed controlled via backlit capacitive buttons
  • Three leveling feet, adjustable from top side of the plinth
  • Anodized black finish


  • Weight: 11.11kg (24.5 lbs)
  • Shipping Weight: 15.42kg (34lbs)
  • Dimensions: 42.86mm (L) x 31.42mm (W) x 14.92mm (H) / 16 7/8” (L) x 12 3/8” (W) x 5 7/8” (H)
  • Shipping Dimensions: 40.64cm (L) x 40.64cm (W) x 40.64 (H) / 16″ (L) x 16″ (W) x 16″ (H)

OPTIONS & ADD ONS (ask us)

  • CIRCLE Linn Style tonearm mount
  • OVAL SME mount adaptor