EE 16S Audio Grade Network Switch by Chord


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EE 16S Audio Grade Network Switch by Chord


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The 16Switch is a 16-port Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) device that has been optimised for music and video streaming. The 16Switch brings the proven benefits of the 8Switch to larger networks and features 2x rows of eight high-quality Gigabit Ethernet ports, which can be used as two independent eight-way switches, or connected and used as one. English Electric is owned by the Chord Company.

The 16Switch has been designed to offer high noise isolation and low electrical noise. It uses two highly accurate customised TCXOs (Temperature Compensation Crystal Oscillators) with an accuracy of 0.1ppm (far higher than normal crystals and higher than a normal TCXO), allowing the 16Switch to generate higher-accuracy network signals, which in turn, help provide more stable data transmission.

The clock source is isolated for each network zone, allowing the TCXO modules to remove power-related noise from the switch circuit. Power is delivered by two isolated power supplies feeding each of the eight-port switch modules; the clean supply allows better network signal quality, ultimately driven by the highly accurate TCXO clock technology.

The combined technologies and attention to detail in the 16Switch result in more stable and accurate network signals and clock circuitry, delivering significantly improved data transmission with measurably reduced jitter errors.

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Technical Information


The 16Switch benefits from a high-quality machined aluminium enclosure that offers excellent protection from both acoustic and electrical noise. It is highly flexible and can be sited on any solid surface using the (optional) resonance-damping feet to help decouple the device from unwanted mechanical vibration.

The 16Switch is also supplied with rack-mount brackets and bolts to allow mounting in a 19-inch rack (1U height), and can be mounted either front- or rear-facing. An EMI absorber on the inner bottom case reduces electromagnetic Interference from the digital circuit.

The discreet front-panel LED display includes power, alarm, link status and link speed for the 16 ports. The 100/1000 Base-T Gigabit Ethernet ports are suitable for all home network appliances.

Doug Maxwell, English Electrics’ Sales Director said, “With the 16Switch, we think we may be able to surprise even the most hardened digital sceptic. In our first listening stages, we were so taken aback by what we heard, that we had to launch this incredible product alongside the 8Switch.”

Listening to streamed music is not just about measurements and numbers, finding an upgrade that improves the experience can be something really special. The improved network signal quality delivers, we think, significant benefits in music and video playback, whether streamed or via NAS drives. The 16x 100/1000 Base-T Gigabit Ethernet ports make it possible to connect even the most demanding set-ups.”

Power supply

With data switches requiring high-speed power supplies, negating the use of linear power devices due to their speed limitations, improvements to the power signal have been made by using an extremely high-quality wall supply. The advanced A/V-grade power adaptor permits an optimum-quality network signal, driven by high-accuracy clock technology and has been designed to reduce electrical noise from AC sources, and prevent mains quality issues from affecting network signals. The 16Switch also boasts high power efficiency, a no-load power consumption of < 0.075 W, plus protection from short circuit, overload and over-voltage.