This is our new Partner Platform!

GrammoFile 2.0
It has been a little bit more than one year ago when we have started with our project GrammoFile 2.0. Once we sold Chektone by the end of 2019 it was very important to us to re-evaluate the portfolios of suppliers and retailers. During 2020 we observed our market, defined the demands and our future strategy.

The Platform – and not a public shop!
One big important task was to insure our philosophy and not to start as many other distributions with an online shop. It could have been much easier during the pandemic situation but not longterm. We preferred to invest a lot of money, time and know-how to plan a platform for our partners. Including brands, products, availability (Stock), news, press, awards, documentation, manuals and a lot more to be found on one spot and in an easy way!

Multilingual – on Safari!
Due to todays modern technologies, we have chosen to publish our new Platform in English only. Just click the requested language (French or German) in your browser and it will be translated to an understandable high level. The effort to maintain a Website like this in all 4 spoken Swiss languages is just not possible for us.

The Tool – our way to support our retailers!
The platform allows our partners to have an easy access by filter to a complete and actual overview of our brands, they’re pricing and their actual availability. Once we will have implemented all products (approximately 500), our retailers will be able to login and place there orders directly at any time and from anywhere (latest January 2022).

The Ranges – and where can you listen to it!
As not every retailer can show every single product of a brand and even less by having 12 brands in our portfolio, we have created ranges for each single brand . The ranges allow us to redirect the customer to the right retailer for his specific needs.

We hope that this move will support our partners and simplify their life. Please use it as your tool, it is for free !

Sincerely yours

Scott Bouix
Managing Director